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Many over weight people have decided to go the route of acupuncture to lose weight. How is it done? There are specific areas or pressure points on your body and it is said when they put needles into that area it has a specific effect on the person as to weight loss. Here is what you have to do for losing weight.

  • You will need 6-10 treatments once or twice a week
  • Weight loss should continue after treatments until you are down to your desired weight.
  • The treatments usually last 6 months to a year.
  • If you gain weight you should go back in for more treatments


It still is undetermined if acupuncture actually does help in losing weight but many people who have had it done says it has worked. Acupuncture has been said to help a person have more energy, which helps in losing weight. With more energy, they tend to be more active which helps to shed those extra pounds.

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